Make the Right Call

Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222

If you have a poison emergency, call the poison control center immediately. Experts will help you if someone has breathed, eaten or touched chemicals, or has taken the wrong medicine.
The City of Houston Information3-1-1
3-1-1 connects you to city services 24 hours a day. Representatives will direct you to the right person, help you with traffic tickets, operating hours, or a neighborhood problem.
Crisis Hotline713-Hotline (468-5463)
Feeling stressed, depressed, or thinking of suicide and don’t know where to turn? Call the Crisis Hotline 24 hours a day and talk privately about your problems.
United Way Help Line (TEXAS) – 2-1-1
Need help and don’t know who to call? 2-1-1 helps you find out about food, shelter, counseling, after-school programs, senior services, disaster relief and other resources.
Ask Your Nurse713-633-CALL (2255)
Feeling sick, but not sure if you need to see your doctor or go to the hospital? Call tot alk to nurses for answers to your health questions.
Emergency 9-1-1
(Police-Fire-Medical Emergencies)
Call 9-1-1 only for life or property threatening emergencies needing police, fire or ambulance. The easy-to-remember phone number can be dialed from any phone, including wireless.
All service lines are TTY accessible.